Africa Legacies Foundation is a non-profit organization that relies on financial contributions, in-kind donations and volunteer efforts of individuals, companies and donor agencies committed to enhancing growth and unity throughout Africa and the African diaspora.

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2014 Keynote Speaker, Ndileka Mandela

2014 Keynote:   Ndileka Mandela

Africa Legacies Foundation (ALF) Panafest Nashville 2015
advocates unity among Africans, with the purpose of coordinating community events that develop relationships with all African and African American in the Diaspora. Our mission is to encourage unity, education, health, history, economic empowerment, social, culture, and uplift people of African descent, while preserving heritage and spiritual well being.

ALF materialized because there was a need for the community to understand and appreciate each other’s tradition, culture and diversity.

We built Africa Legacies Foundation as the umbrella under which many community programs will operate by providing an avenue for African and African American organizations to educate and share their experiences through annual programs and other activities.

We believe that unity within people of the same race brings collaboration and understanding among the people.

Africa Legacies Foundation continues to host numerous annual events both locally and internationally that provide a spectacular interaction of our unique diversity and an exciting awareness and education of who we are as African people living in a global community.

See Panatours, our annual Black History Month pilgrimage to Ghana, West Africa.

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